Our Trump America 

My Trump America story for today.For the first time in a long time I wore my “Make America Great Again” cap and walking up First Avenue around 3:00 as school was letting out a group of five High School girls were walking towards me wearing hijabs. They seemed to all notice my hat at the same time. I noticed them noticing and I spontaneously said as I pointed “you can stay, you can stay, you gotta go, you can stay, I’ll get back to ya”. They all froze at first then burst out howling with laughter. And smiled. They got it. No hate,no judgment, just humor. American humor.

Now if some of the over privileged PC Patrol could find some . . .


At last. The candidate we’ve all said we were waiting for. A person free of entanglement. Owing nothing to anybody but the voters and him/herself. A candidate opposed by the media and the establishment alike. Hated, vilified, mocked, dismissed but unfazed. Knowing who and what they are, calling them as he/she sees them.
Yep. It’s about time.